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We at the Health Information Center Medical Karaci Ltd. aim to provide high-level preventive and medical services. We believe that our patients’ personal choices should be based on their awareness, backed up by competent counseling specialists in various medical fields. From the patients’ entry to us to their diagnosis and treatment, we take care of their tranquility. All medical services and solutions are related to the use of the most innovative and advanced technologies applied in medicine.

Most clinics we work with are based on JCI (Joint Commission International) – a Quality Management System for health care.

We, Health Information Center Medical Karaci Ltd., have built relationships with our partners, which provide the opportunity for flexibility and quick response in cases where urgent help is needed. The new approach to data control and medical information through an electronic network – non-paper clinics helps the organization of the work process. This saves valuable time for the patient, the doctor and the medical staff.

Why with Health Information Center Medical Karaci Ltd.?

Whether you need preventative care, diagnosis or treatment, you have a huge choice of options. To which clinic and doctor to turn to; Is the price you pay to be reasonable? how to organize your trip and your stay – all this takes time and effort. With us all this becomes easier and safer because:

  • Save time. We have established partnerships with some of the best clinics in the world. We know who to turn to depending on your case, we know what documents to provide and how to do it to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Save money. We know what, where, how much it could cost, so the likelihood of being misled is minimized. Our experience is your security.
  • You get opportunities that are worth considering. We will contact the clinics that specialize in treating your diagnosis and will provide you with the offers that meet your requirements. Then the choice is entirely yours.
  • You get peace. We do this every day and we really understand it from our work. Let us organize your travel and stay details according to your preferences, and you are dedicated to the most important – your health.

What’s the way?

When a patient turns to us, we consult with him about his or her health problems, we require the necessary medical records and clinical studies. At our discretion, his papers are referred to hospitals specializing in the treatment of the particular illness. After discussing the case with the medical teams, we offer one or several options. The Health Information Center Medical Karaci Ltd., boasts that our patients have an informed choice when they make an important decision for their health.

We translate and legalize required documents through a partner company that gives preferential prices and conditions to our patients. After receiving offers from several hospitals, we discuss and discuss with the patient the treatment plan. Upon his request, a date of review and study, according to him / her, and the free hours in the hospital are set.

We organize transport, hotel accommodation, internal transfers, translators and services that the patient needs. It is important to emphasize that Karachi has a local representation that tracks the whole process and can be the support and support of patients and their relatives.

The next step after the hospital review is to conduct the research and treatment according to the preliminary plan. The duration of the hospital stay is determined by the course of treatment. Medical Karaci Tours is not just an intermediary, we are building a new road for a better and healthier life! After completing the treatment cycle, the patient returns to Bulgaria. We continue to monitor and be interested in the results of the treatment because the recovery period is crucial. We keep communication on both sides mutually and accurate.

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