The cardiology department covers the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the cardiovascular system, including also cardiac defects, inflammatory diseases of the heart muscle and heart envelopes, arterial hypertension, heart rhythm disorders, congenital heart defects and many others.

Diseases are divided into two large groups – congenital and acquired.

The inborn are the result of defects in the heart valves, ventral and atrial valves, as well as transposition of the large arteries.

Acquired affect the coronary vessels as well as all the layers of the heart.

Very innocent at first sight disorders affect the function and structure of the heart, which can lead to a critical need for help. Acute coronary syndromes, hypertonic crises and inflammatory conditions require high qualification and rich clinical experience.

Echocardiography and Doppler color and pulse echocardiography are the major non-invasive methods for examining the function of the heart. Through them they record the speeds of blood flow, as well as the walls of the heart chambers.

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