Hearing damage – Degenerative and vascular diseases of the ear

Degenerative vascular diseases are manifested by transient ischemic deafness, which disrupts the blood supply to certain areas in the brain, the symptoms being dependent on the affected centers. Diagnosis is done using a scanner and magnetic resonance imaging, and the treatment is performed by a neurologist.

Hearing damage may occur due to the following diseases:

Disease of the middle ear: dysfunction of the Eustachian tube, serous otitis, barotrauma, otosclerosis, tympanosclerosis.

Diseases of the inner ear: sudden deafness, immunological or genetic damage to the inner ear, ototoxic medications. Most often it is caused by an infection that comes to it by blood, a complication of acute and chronic otitis, consequences of epidemic or specific meningitis, viral intoxication of the body.

Labyrinthitis – is an inflammatory disease of the labyrinth of the inner ear, which is manifested by hearing and vestibular disturbances. Inflammatory processes affect the tonsillar labyrinth, which most often leads to its malfunction.

Serous labyrinthitis – occurs when toxins in acute otitis sprouts into the inner ear, especially in scarlet fever. An inflammatory process develops, affecting sensitivity and hearing.

Patients’ clinical symptoms are determined by the varying degrees of involvement of the two analyzers in the inner ear – auditory and vestibular. Their severity depends on how the infection penetrates, the severity of the developing inflammatory process and the complex nerve-reflection relationships of the labyrinth with the brain structures. Immediately after an infection, a violent reaction with signs of maze irritation develops and its function is blocked.

Studies include X-ray and cranial-brain nerves.

Treatment is dependent on the severity of the condition, with severe cases of radical trepanation – remediation of the infectious outbreak in the labyrinth of the inner ear.

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