Transplant Centers – When Do We Have Transplant Indications?

Transplantation is required when a body has an irreversible functional or tissue disorder, which makes it impossible for this organ to work for the body. In recent years, there has been an increase in transplant surgery. There is an increase in the number of people who need organ acceptance compared to organ donors.

The most common are liver and kidney transplants. The success of kidney transplants is supported by the so-called “cross-method”. This is a procedure in which two patients exchange organs donated by their relatives. Since the legislation in the countries with which we are working permits this procedure, it is suggested that two pairs of donor-recipient recipients should be crossed.

Here, we must mention a few more highly developed branches in the field of transplants:

  • bone marrow transplantation;
  • autologous stem cell transplantation (the source of the cells is the patient itself) or allogeneic transplantation (the source of the cells is different from the patient).
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