In vitro procedures, the personal approach to the couple is a basic prerequisite for success

One of the most important factors for the success of the in vitro procedure is the personal approach to the couple. We at the Medical Karaci guarantee for the individual approach to the problem of each of them. In addition, we work with some of the best clinics and specialists to treat infertility and invitro procedures in several countries around the world.

The first step is to listen to you and look at your papers to understand the medical history and get to know your details in detail. We then explain what research should be done in connection with the in vitro procedure or diagnosis and help with the preparation of the entire dossier. We understand in detail the conditions of each of the in vitro fertilization clinics we work with – what research is required for an initial review, how long we can provide hourly recording, what are the price ranges of the in vitro procedures, how long you have to stay in given your problem (depending on the type of procedure being taken, the time at which patients should be abroad) is also determined. When we collect all of the studies and have a history of taking an in vitro clinic, we send your documents for specialist consultation. This saves time and money because there are cases where doctors require further research to get a complete overview of your condition by going to a primary review. Most in vitro clinics accept blood tests from Bulgaria; the only research that they want to do in their lab is giving a seed analysis material – a spermogram. This is usually done on the day of primary screening. When you go to the Invitational Center consultation, everything happens within one, two days at the most. Even if you need to do a hysterosalpingogram (color photo), everything is organized very well on our part so that patients do not waste time and money waiting.

We have negotiated special discounts with all in vitro clinics in Turkey for the procedure itself and for research, as well as free transfers to and from the airport / bus station and a free interpreter in the native language. We can assist with choosing a hotel and location near in vitro clinics, which also benefit from discounts from our patients. We can also help you with plane or bus tickets to save you time looking for bargains. We tell you what sights to visit during your stay there so that your experience can be filled with good emotions and positive thinking. Most of our patients say that their stay is like a honeymoon because they spend their time in pleasant walks and exploring beautiful places. The in vitro procedure itself can be started as early as next month if all the research is fine and there is no problem that needs to be resolved before. That is, there is no waiting, because the time for each pair is valuable.

In our busy daily life, people are often suffering from a vitamin deficiency due to the enclosed spaces in which we work, unhealthy food and many other factors.

We have the opportunity to assist you with information on what vitamins you should take before starting an in vitro procedure to improve the quality of ova and sperm and to make you feel better. During your entire treatment, we stay in touch with you to answer any questions you have. Because it is important for us to be informed and calm during the road ahead.

The less you worry and the more comfortable you feel, the better you will achieve. So do not hesitate to look for us even when you just need to talk to someone. We are always here, ready to listen to you.

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