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Thanks to our experience, we can quickly arrange for a primary consultation session, help you prepare Professor Kahraman’s mandatory requirements, explain everything to the smallest detail so you do not think about the organizational steps, but you are calm and prepared.

More about Prof. Dr. Semra Kahraman:

Director of Reproductive Medicine Center Memorial, Istanbul.

Professor Dr. Semra Kahraman is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. After graduating from a medical school at the University of Hacettepe in Turkey, he gained his specialty at the University of Ankara. She is a pioneer in the ICSI method, embryo freeze and PGD diagnosis / pre-implantation genetic diagnosis / as well as HLA typing and aneuploid testing in Turkey. She and her team are the first in Turkey to isolate and create embryonic stem cells.

The center is the largest unit in Turkey, with more than 4000 invitations per year. The center is also a national in vitro training center and is the only center in Turkey certified by ISO15189.

Professor Kahraman is a former president of the International Society for Pre-Embryonic Genetic Diagnosis. Currently, she is the vice president of the American Reproductive Medicine Society specializing in diagnostics. Professor Kahraman has published numerous articles in magazines. Its main areas of scientific interest are preimplantation genetic diagnosis and controlled ovarian stimulation.

Center for Reproductive Medicine at Group Hospitals Memorial is a preferred destination for families from around the world who fail to get a baby in a natural way.

The most important factor for success is to accurately assess the condition of each pair, then carefully and accurately plan the most appropriate treatment based on the specific case. The memorial seeks assistance in couples where:

  • The age of the woman is up to 35 years old and fails to conceive a child after 1 year of experience;
  • The woman is over 35 years of age and there is no planned pregnancy within six months;
  • There are menstrual disorders in the woman;
  • Previous pregnancies have ended with spontaneous abortions;
  • There are born children with malformations;
  • One of the spouses suffers from hereditary chromosomal diseases (haemophilia, Down’s syndrome, etc.)

Each year, about 4000 couples, many of whom from abroad, are subjected to in vitro procedures at the IVF center. The main reason for the international reputation of the center lies in its high levels of success. For example, in young fertile couples, clinical pregnancy is achieved in about 65% of cases. In couples where the woman is over 40 years of age or have many previous unsuccessful attempts, the success rate is about 25%. In both cases, the results are above the world average.

For its successes in the field of reproductive medicine, the Memorial Hospital Group received the “Best Sterility Treatment Center for 2015” award at the Medical Travel Awards in London.

Head of the team at the In vitro Fertilization Center at Memorial Group Hospitals is Professor Shemra Kahraman, a world-renowned doctor and president of the International Association for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGDIS). She runs a team of over 70 specialists equipped with the latest technology in this field. As a result of their work in 24 years, over 30,000 babies were born. Professor Dr. Semra Kahraman states that this figure is the highest number of babies born with assisted reproductive techniques in an ART center in Turkey.

With the help of experienced professionals and modern technology, it is possible to achieve results in almost all cases of problem pregnancy.

It is also possible for an embryo constructed of 4-8 cells to be carefully examined prior to implantation in the uterus with the methods of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to exclude the risk of genetic anomalies and conditions such as thalassemia or haemophilia.

The IVF provides high quality services that meet both national and international standards.

They meet legal requirements without violating the ethical and scientific principles upon which they are based. The Memorial Invitational Infertility Center, founded by Prof. Dr. Semra Kahraman, received an ISO15189 accreditation certificate. It is the first and only in vitro laboratory in Turkey and Asia and among the top nine in vitro laboratories in Europe that are awarded this accreditation.

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