General oncology

Diagnosis and treatment of tumors with developed technologies for early detection of various cancers. The equipment being used is the ultimate in technology, fully consistent with the goal of general health.

PET scanner – PET / CT positron emission tomography) – This is one of the most effective imaging techniques today, a combination of computed tomography and scintigraphy, and allows early detection of tumors throughout the body.

Intraoperative MP 3 Tesla – with this device, images of the operative zone are obtained during cranial operations. This instrument detects where invasive intervention is to be done. The procedure significantly reduces the risk of the patient being subjected to a second operation.

Cyber ​​knife radiosurgery is a targeted, high-energy radiotherapy of tumors and lesions throughout the body, including in hard-to-reach areas of the body, with extreme precision. The irradiation system is laid on a flexible shoulder, which provides access 360 degrees to places in the body that has so far been unattainable.

It is important to know that not every patient is suitable for this type of intervention, but precise and timely diagnosis is of particular importance.

TrueBeam – allows you to fight treacherous disease in the following areas:

• lungs • prostate • head and neck • gastrointestinal tract • pancreas • bile and biliary tract • liver • kidney and bladder • testes • thyroid gland and more.

Working with patients is a very long and responsible process that affects the period from the operation itself through tracking to full recovery.

Fighting with breast cancer

Unfortunately, this disease is widespread and has many fatal consequences if it is not established at an early stage. Next-generation apparatus, radiologists and surgeons are working to prevent and treat this health problem. Above all, it must be known that prophylactic examinations and screening contribute greatly to the benefit of every woman. However, if the diagnosis is a fact, a dedicated technique is used which gives a precise image of the area under investigation. Depending on the stage of the disease, treatment methods are different. Unfortunately, in the early stages, malignancies rarely have warning indications.

For this disease, PET / CT – Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computer Tomography (CT) should be researched to help establish the exact location of the cancer before making recommendations for its treatment; Molecular level violations are scanned.

In addition, Intraoperative Radiotherapy (or IORT), a device that focuses radiation on the tumor during a single dose operation, has already been added to help with modern medicine and is already proving its effectiveness. The difference between IORT and general radiotherapy is that the tumor is destroyed without damaging the healthy tissues and organs.

Rapidarc – Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) – performs high dose modulated irradiation. The unique capability of this apparatus makes it possible to make imaging studies with subsequent exposures. Investigations and manipulations are carried out, with the device having the ability to rotate around the patient, depending on the location and angle to reach the diseased site, providing radiation at a higher intensity and for a shorter time.

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