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The mission of Liv Hospital is to improve the health of all our international patients by setting the standard of excellence in individual patient care.

Our international center aims to provide international patients with free access to medical services. Liv Hospital has a full range of medical specialties and an integral part of the overall mission is to protect people’s health and be treated adequately.

We strive all our international patients and their relatives to feel at home during the time they stay with us. Our translators are at their disposal, helping to feel comfortable from the time we first contact us until their return home.

Liv Hospital combines the highest level of service and medical expertise with a team of highly qualified specialists, doctors, nurses and support staff.

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Our goals are:

  • Being a leading healthcare provider on the territory of the country, meeting the needs of patients with the full range of medical specialties;
  • To provide the highest quality and service in the care of all our international patients in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases;
  • Being a leading institution in the application of discoveries in the field of new medical approaches and devices;
  • To attract medical professionals by supporting them in their development and development;
  • To provide all international patients with service and service in their language. Together with the help of recovery specialists, be accompanied throughout their stay at Liv Hospital;
  • Apply a multidisciplinary approach to all diseases to give our international patients the full benefits of the spectrum of treatments
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For more information about the hospital, the teams and the equipment, you can call: +359 895 77 08 69
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For more information about the hospital, the teams and the equipment, you can call:
+359 895 77 08 69
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