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The Medical Park Hospitals Group, working in the field of healthcare in Turkey since 1993, has 25 hospitals in 17 cities. Today it is one of the leading companies in this sector with its 166 operating halls, a capacity of 3,506 hospital beds and 13,507 employees with a total covered area of ​​over 428,500 square meters.

Medical Park delivers to everyone, regardless of what socio-economic status, international standards for hospital services through its philosophy of “Health for Everyone”. Medical Park follows the methods of treatment and engineering in the world and also aims to be an example in the global health sector with its new applications supporting science.

Medical Park Hospitals Group, which brings together specialists from different fields and the idea of ​​patient-oriented excellent service and multidisciplinary work, offering quality services for diagnosis and treatment in its hospitals, 4 of which are certified with accreditation from the American International joint commission (Joint Commission International (JCI)).

Medical Park Hospitals Group, guided by the principle that “A healthy lifestyle and access to health care is a fundamental right of everyone”, developed anywhere in Turkey and progressing with confident steps to raise health standards with their modern technology, without to make compromises with the principles of medical ethics.

Our group of hospitals, which combines the approach to patient-centered treatment and high standards, with its wide dissemination, experience and volume, which increasingly raise the service bar, is aimed at bringing the healthcare sector a whole new look with the new your brand we created – VM Medical Park. VM Medical Park, which introduced into Kogjali the understanding of adaptive to changing lifestyle hospital services, collects in a modern hospital environment all the diagnostic and treatment methods that are applied simultaneously throughout the world, innovative medical technologies and doctors’ who are specialists and academics. The operating system, which is based on effective, long-lasting, dynamic work and teamwork, opens the doors of a healthy future.

Group of Hospitals Medical Park, which, with every newly opened hospital, improves the quality and quality of its services is not only satisfied with the provision of health services to the society it exists. Medical Park also provides support for social responsibility projects that take place on all issues our country needs.

Thanks to our cooperation with the elite universities of Turkey, we contribute both to having qualified staff in our hospitals and to the development of universities. At the core of our efforts for cooperation lie: training of well-educated, qualified and principled doctors, raising the quality of the offered health services to the highest level, and paving the way for global innovation in the field of medicine.

Група болници Медикъл Парк
For more information about the hospital, the teams and the equipment, you can call: +359 895 77 08 69
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For more information about the hospital, the teams and the equipment, you can call:
+359 895 77 08 69
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