Medipol University Hospital

Medipol University Hospital is the first private university hospital to have all the medical departments in Turkey. The hospital is accredited by the world-recognized JCI accreditation system. The structure of the hospital is multiprofile, divided into Surgical Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery, Dental-Maxillofacial Surgery. All are collected under one shell. Medipol University Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology: TrueBeam, Gamma Knife, Cyber ​​Knife, Da Vinci, Intraoperative Radiation (IORT). The robotic surgery at our cancer hospital is with the high qualification and long-term experience of the doctors.

In addition, we have an organ transplantation department – liver, kidney, bone marrow transplant, where we are among the first three hospitals in Turkey.

The hospital consists of 515 hospital beds, 25 operating rooms, 246 outpatient rooms, a total of 133 intensive treatment beds (divided into 32 intensive general care, 22 coronary, 26 cardiovascular and 53 neonatal intensive care).

Medipol University Hospital has mutual agreements with ministries such as the Ministry of Health of Macedonia, the Ministry of Health of Romania, the Ministry of Health of Iraq, and the Ministry of Health of Libya. We enjoy the successful treatment of severe and complex cases in our hospital, especially pediatric ones, including cases of oncological diseases. The hospital also organizes training programs for doctors and nurses supported by the European Union funds. The medical staff of Medipol University Hospital builds its knowledge of the private healthcare sector on a science platform, compares its medical results with the best international centers and is promoted through specialization in the departments. On their journey, the Medipol University Hospital team will continue to be enriched and be a role model in many areas.

Medipol University Hospital receives patients from 72 countries. Every day, we accept about 100-150 foreign patients speaking 12 different languages, who are in charge of our team of International Patient Services, consisting of 70 people. The department provides a second medical opinion from our doctors. In this way, the patient is informed of his or her health, details of his treatment and the fee before coming to Medipol University Hospital. We know that the most important treatment starts with peace.

The hospital is near the airport – 15min., And to the bus station – 5min. We meet our patients at the airport, provide a free shuttle service between the airport and the hotel, the interpreters guide the patients during their treatment at the hospital, we can also provide the coziness in our guest house (including breakfast, lunch and dinner). Our inns have the opportunity to watch TV channels that are broadcast in their own language. After completing patient treatment, we give all the examinations and transcripts translated into English. We do not abandon our patients after their discharge, especially if their problems are chronic, oncological or after organ transplantation. We keep track of their health and do our best to offer them a good quality of life.

For more information about the hospital, the teams and the equipment, you can call: +359 895 77 08 69
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For more information about the hospital, the teams and the equipment, you can call:
+359 895 77 08 69
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