Histological analysis is a study of tissues carried out by a pathologist. This study has an important role in oncology, to determine the exact diagnosis, the stage and the type of tumor.


Test tissue is usually taken by biopsy or surgical operation to obtain cells and tissues for examination under a microscope.


Exploratory histological examination is called geferrite. It is usually administered during surgical removal of the tumor formation. Determines the further course of the operation itself.


The tissue taken during a biopsy or surgery is sent to a pathological laboratory where it is handled by special methods and cut into thin sections for microscopic observation.


If the study finds that a malignant tumor is suspected, the pathologist may prescribe an immunohistochemical study.


Immunohistochemistry is used to determine:

  • Where is the primary hearth.
  • The type of cancer-carcinoma, melanoma, sarcoma, lymphoma …
  • For accurate diagnosis.


Histology is a major diagnostic method in medicine.

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