Lokomat is a robot for treatment in patients with partial or complete loss of motor function.


Locomotive therapy is used for:

  • Cranial-brain injuries
  • Cerebral paralysis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Distracted Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease


The main version of the Lokomat system consists of Lokomat (robotic galloping galloping) and Lokobasis (body weight support system). Used in combination with the Woodway treadmill. The orthosis is controlled by position. The patient’s feet are guided by a pre-programmed physiological gait model. Computer-controlled targeting allows individual settings of different stroke parameters.


The Lokomat system uses high-quality computer-driven motors (drives) that are integrated into the orthosis of the gait at each hip and knee joint. The power transducers in the joints accurately measure the interaction between the patient and Lokomat. The discs are precisely synchronized with the speed of the treadmill. This sensitive system provides the exact match between the speed of the walking orthosis and the treadmill.


The joints of the joints and knee joints are controlled in real time by software to achieve a physiologically significant gait pattern. Each of the four joints is continuously controlled by Lokomat’s software to ensure that they are accurately held on the predetermined gait model.

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