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We at Medical Karaci tours will take care of every detail of your stay abroad – from communication with the clinic, through transportation, hotel accommodation, domestic transfers, translators, and everything else that you will need to be comfortable.

If you wish to go for a review, operation or research, we will provide you with prices of hotels from several categories in order to be able to meet your criteria. As a subsidiary of the large tour operator, Karaji Tours INT, we have relationships with hotels from which you will get preferential rates as our patient.

Most of the clinics we work with offer complimentary transfers and a translator to our patients as a compliment to them while accompanying them during reviews and research and care for their tranquility and comfort.

Take care of your health. We at the Medical Karaci tours will take care of everything else.

We, together with our partners from Medic Ambulance Ltd, have the opportunity to provide you with Reanimation Medical Transport in the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

We have modern wheelchairs, falling legs, electrocardiographs, oxygen system, shock shock system, command breathing apparatus, air conditioning.

We provide a cost-effective and extremely high level of service with available equipment and a fully trained team for lifting and moving hard-to-reach people to and from hospital beds, clinical appointments or hospitals. We strive for your relatives to be conveniently accommodated during their trip to reach their appointments in time.

Our transport services are suitable for patients in various conditions that need to be transported on a stretcher or chair for the transport of difficult to move people. As well as providing the necessary physician to track the condition during the trip. Transport involves transferring the patient to and from any destination abroad. Transferring them to their home or to a hospital. If you arrive at an airport, we can meet the patient and transfer it to a designated destination.

We are experts in the provision of specialized resuscitation medical transport in Bulgaria, the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

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