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Условия за ползване

By taking advantage of the information at www.international.medikara.bg, you agree to the general terms and conditions of the site described below, confirm that you have become acquainted with them in detail and that you understand and accept them as follows:

Copyright and Related Rights:

All content on the site is owned by www.international.medikara.bg or by our partners, which we have permission to use. The content is protected by copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right. You may use this content only for personal, non-commercial purposes. Without written permission from the team at Health Information Center Medical Karaji Ltd., content from the pages of the site may NOT be published on other pages. If the permission is obtained, the publication is made only with the availability of feedback to the pages of the site www.international.medikara.bg.

Accuracy of information:

We make every effort to update the information on the pages of the site. Please keep in mind that despite our aspiration, inaccuracies and language mistakes may be allowed.

If you find any – please do not hesitate to contact us to smooth the inaccuracies and increase the level of satisfaction among all users.

Personal information:

All information that Health Information Center Medical Karaci Ltd. receives from you through your online forms for registration, time recording, contact forms received orally or in writing is classified as “personal information” and will not be shared with anyone outside the team , engaged in your health. This includes hospitals with which we share data to make a positive change to your health status.

Non-personal information:

The purpose of collecting non-personal information during your visit to our site is to increase user satisfaction with the content we publish. In other words, the reasons are statistical. This includes information, such as: country, city, time spent on our site, pages you visited, most visited pages, IP, where you came from (such as Google, social networks and etc.).


As consultants and mediators, Health Information Center Medical Karaci Ltd., makes an incredible effort, fighting for every patient, investing in time, teamwork and professional expertise. However, we can not take responsibility and guarantee the outcome of any surgical or medical treatment. The final choice is in your hands on the basis of the information we have provided and the medical consultations held with some of the best professionals in the world.

Thank you for understanding our terms of use!

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